Zoom on Virtualization The royal road to savings
The Operation

As these figures show, the power available in modern machines is ultimately of little use. Also, the idea to run multiple operating systems on one physical machine has germinated.

In other words, virtualization is to host on a physical server, said host server, several machines called virtual. Thus, the power available on modern machines is used wisely, more effectively and efficiently! These techniques also allow the so-called server consolidation and fall typically in a green-IT ​​approach.

There are several hypervisors to manage these machines as Microsoft Hyper-V especially suitable for small structures.

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Server Consolidation

Imagine a company or computer system, as often, has developed "in a hurry" and so pervasive as and when required: file servers and print, mail server, server to the intranet , accounting for server, database, firewall (firewall), etc. It is clear that many of these servers are underutilized, consuming time (maintenance and management) and energy return on investment rather low, and by increasing at the same time the total cost of ownership (TCO = Total Cost of ownership).

The objective is to consolidate multiple physical servers on one machine (or two for redundancy and high availability), thanks to an hypervisor like Hyper-V. Thus, it is possible to optimize the number of machines used in production and in an eco-smart, be a winner at all levels with an excellent ROI (Return on Invest = return on investment).

Workstation virtualization
Client virtualisation

The worksation virtualisation interests more and more organizations. Many offers are available: the use of thin clients without hard drives, PC to traditional hosting one or more virtual images, the choice is wide. Only the specific needs of the client company must be taken into account to determine what the best solution to implement based on a cost / quality and based on the existing information system.

Green IT Consulting recommends today Zero-Client solution from Fujitsu. Indeed, this VDI solution (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is somehow the result of workstation virtualization by providing an intelligent screen connected to the network : no hard drive, CPU, or memory, everything is deported machine room. Discover the Zero Client, the promising solution to a drastic reduction in the cost of deployment and maintenance!

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