Green Audit Audit "green" and Information System Mapping

The Green Audit: an audit... green

Green Audit

With the Green Audit, beyond the simple analysis of the current, we define "green" thresholds in order to determine, in addition to the traditional study of the Information System, what improvements should be considered in a sustainable development.


The green audit is divided into several phases:

  • An accurate inventory or mapping, of the company's Information System
  • A qualitative analysis of material
  • An evaluation of computer security
  • A simple modeling of business processes related
  • A logical interpretation of information flows
  • An analysis of IT management information
  • An assessment of energy consumption related levels
  • A check of the existence of procedures and methods of organization
  • The determination means for improvement of IS
  • An editorial stage of drafting and issuing audit report
  • The presentation of conclusions
  • Green IT Consulting implements audit and consulting services that assess levels of energy consumption of the Information System as a whole. quotes

Green IT consultants Consulting begin their audit work by two complementary approaches:

  • A technical analysis of existing and the formalization of an Information System cartography
  • A functional analysis of the use of IS through interview users and managers

These two steps are the most important of the green audit and will allow us to really understand the use made of the Information System of the client's company.

The objective of the green audit is to examine all or part of the company's computing to deliver a clear overview and precise object studied which allows to provide recommendations for improvement or change. These proposals are still at Green IT Consulting, following a course of action unchanged: to always consider the environmental impact it creates.

The green audit can lead to other expert missions and other accomplishments. And we suggest to follow the model of the Deming wheel in the planning and achievements.

Deming Wheel
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