Eco-optimized IS Architecture Systems and networks

Green architecture of IS

IS Architecture

To meet your needs, your general computing has grown "in a hurry" in a sometimes chaotic. Your information system has become cumbersome, or just not good enough, expensive, energy intensive and difficult to maintain. Green IT Consulting intends to review with you your overall architecture and redesign or evolve into a model eco-optimized.


Our objectives for your system and network architecture are many:

  • Infrastructure Simplification
  • Increasing Virtualization
  • Economy of hardware and software
  • Rationalization of the use of IS
  • Decreasing energy consumption
  • Decrease the carbon footprint of IS
  • Information Systems are now essential to the smooth running of a company. Once considered a cost, the new technologies of information and communication technologies (ICTs) have become a tool for increasing productivity and improving the quality of services. quotes

To achieve the objectives defined above, Green IT Consulting has developed a portfolio of tools and solutions to even meet these requirements:

  • Intelligent Systems Virtualization
  • Fewer machines in the SI
  • Increase in the average life of machinery
  • Deploying standby / hibernation / off the PC
  • Replacement of old machines with models that "green" low energy consuming
  • Overhaul network running 24 / 24
  • Use printer group "green" and not replace individual printers
  • etc.
Network Architecture

In our modeling of systems and network architectures, infrastructure we are establishing or reshaping all have one thing in common: taking into account their environmental impact. Thus, these are savings you and beyond, is the planet who benefits!

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