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The art of consulting


Information Technologies, if it is not the core business of your company, is certainly a necessary and essential tool to your business. We offer the best high technology and high quality advice to help you make the best decisions in the development of your business.

Le conseil

Independently, our consultants are there to support you, to help you make the right technology choices with three goals in sight:

  • Allow you to save money
  • Allow you to lower the energy consumption of your systems
  • You can reduce your carbon footprint
  • Green IT Consulting provides consulting services and consulting on Information Systems and computing in general. The issues for your business is to have a fast, reliable and suitable tool for your business. quotes
The consulting

In addition to general advice on your Information Systems, Green IT Consulting offers engineering consultants and experts in their fields. You're asking legitimate questions about your computer such as:

  • Your information system is developed it effectively?
  • You want to make a complete diagnosis of your computing?
  • You want to upgrade part of your infrastructure?
  • You have a problem storing or EDM?
  • Your problem is with email, intranet or safety?
  • You want to use outsourcing and focus on your core business?

Green IT Consulting offers all this and more: to become your main contact, pivot point between your business strategy and technological developments needed to support you in your development.

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