The R.O.I The Return On Investment
Tangible gains

When investing in a new solution, we hope that it works, but it also wants to get a good return on investment (ROI = Return On Invest).

We provide an excellent ROI through the implementation of a development strategy based on the principles of Green IT :

  • Reducing System Information energy costs
  • Paper demand reduction by limiting prints
  • Decrease storage management for dynamic data
  • Reduced purchase costs and maintenance with virtualization
  • Optimization of space used in computer rooms
  • Renewal machines less frequently
The Lower TCO

With fewer machines (through Virtualization), a renewal less frequently and, consequently, falling costs of maintenance, the total cost of ownership (TCO = Total Cost of Ownership) is reduced drastically!

The decrease in the number of machines results in a decreased use of air conditioning in server rooms and less travel for maintenance technicians! This virtuous circle initiated by the Virtualization has the effect of reducing greenhouse gas emissions! It is therefore good practice in a win-win: lower costs for the company, less pollution to the ecosystem!

Intangible ROI

Obtaining the Green IT Label allows you to benefit from an intangible ROI!

Beyond the economic benefits that the application of the principles of green-IT ​​permit, the Green Label IT helps to highlight the efforts of your organization in terms of sustainable development with regard to information technology.

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