IS Urbanization The Information System designed as a city

IS urbanization, what is it?

Urbanisation SI

As defined by Wikipedia, the urbanization of the Information System of the enterprise is a set of constructs based on those of the urbanization of the human environment (organization of cities, land), notions that have been reused in computer modeling to formalize or re-engineering of Information System (IS). The planning rules and a set of coherent, stable and modular, which various stakeholders refer to any investment decision concerning the management of Information System.

Urbanism defines rules and a coherent, stable, modular, in which different stakeholders refer to any investment decision concerning the management Information System.

Principle Information System urbanization

Urbanization has two basic rules:

  • An application must belong in -a target- and a single block.
  • Dependencies must respect the notion of coherence Strong / weak coupling
    • between applications,
    • within an application: between the different modules,
    • within a module: between the different components.

The term -target- defines the application that is sought to be. It opposes to the existing situation, theAs is. The method to switch from the current as-is to the to-be you want is called the roadmap (or roadmap).

The notion of Consistency High / Low coupling indicates that two applications must communicate with each other in a simple and effective, but that the dependency between these two applications is minimal (ideally none). This allows to remove a block to replace it without disturbing the rest of SI.

The Information System can be compared to a city neighborhood, if it is well built and very urbanized, it is possible to demolish a building in the heart without jeopardizing the entire area and replace or build another building, connecting the new building with different exchange networks: access roads, electricity, sewage, etc.. Urbanization is thus to create an agile, flexible and scalable IS.


The process of urbanization is based on three key areas that feed each other:

  • the modeling strategy
  • the mapping of existing systems (business, functional, application, technical)
  • the determination of target systems (business, functional, application, technical)

The process of urbanization of the IS includes:

  • set a target IS, aligned to business strategy,
  • determine the path to follow to achieve this target IS.
Urbanisation des Systemes d'Information
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