Zero Client Virtualization workstation pushed to the max!
Zero Client
  • The Zero Client pushes the logic of the workstation virtualization to its climax. quotes

Zero Client Pictures

A terrible concept!

The virtualization of workstations often requires the deployment of thin clients. Fujitsu pushed to overcome the logic of such a client that still need to maintain.

The Zero-client is a summary of a screen ... connected to the network, that's it!

Compatible with VDI solutions available on the marché.

Based on one of the three major virtualization platform (VMware, Citrix Xen or Hyper-V), the Zero-Client installs easily on existing infrastructure.

Fujitsu provided a free broker if you do not have one. Moreover, there are models supplied with POE (Power Over Ethernet)!

Key features

  • Smart Display - for a customized work environment
  • Remote PC at the server
  • Fully integrated into existing infrastructures
  • Easy tu use
  • Cost reduction
  • Easy to deploy, "plug and play"
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
  • Multi-window, multi-screen
  • LED backlight
  • Possibility of webcam and VoIP

Download the Zero Client brochure

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