Xerox ColorQube The most green printing technology!
Xerox ColorQube
  • Printing technology Xerox ColorQube is probably the one that is cleaner! quotes

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Solid ink printing!

Printing Technology Solid ink of Xerox is definitely the cleanest of all printing technologies.

Xerox has replaced the traditional toners for laser printers or cartridges for inkjet models with solid sticks like wax.

A technology to discover!

The sticks have a capacity of 1000 to 2300 pages of paper and short circuits are the outputs are as fast as desktop machines for large lasers.

Solid ink is not toxic because it is resin. The printers themselves have many body parts from recycling. Xerox announced that the technology reduces waste by 90% related supplies!


Solid Ink Laser Ink Jet
Ink Type Solid Blocs Dry Toner Liquide
Utilisation Extremely simple More complexe Simple
Manipulation Clean Can be reversed May leak
Waste Low High Average
Cost per page Low Low Average
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