LED Monitor The display light and economical!
  • The LED display technology is simply the best available today!quotes

LED Monitors Pictures

The LED technology

The use of LED technology in slabs monitors obsoletes all others!

The LEDs provide excellent display quality (contrast, brightness) and visual comfort over other technologies for the computer.

A good display

If you choose to start a LED display "local dimming", you will have the nec plus ultra of the display, especially if the panel is IPS type (recommended for graphics).

LED arrays consume 30-40% less energy than their conventional cousins ​​neon LCD (CCFL). Consumption is almost 10-fold when compared with cathode ray tubes (CRT)!


We do not recommend a particular brand even though, again, Fujitsu goes further by offering screen says "zero-watt". These screens, once extinguished, and unlike many competitors, do not consume any more electrical power.

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